Cruzu is a music producer from the Netherlands, focused on making songs for an international audience. Growing up in a music enthusiastic family and multicultural environment as well as his appreciation for a wide range of genres, helped him develop a sound which combines different types of music.

At the age of 11, he started making rap songs with friends and taught himself about music production and making beats. When he got rejected for an educational program in music production due to the lack of theoretical knowledge after high school, he focused on finishing a degree in economics instead and put his musical ambition aside.

After his 19-year-old brother abruptly passed away, he realized how short life was and continued to pursue his passion for music. Currently, he is working on several projects with different artists and is focused on collaborating with talented vocal artists.

What can I find on this website?

This website keeps you updated with the latest news regarding audio and visual content of Cruzu. Besides this, you can also find tips & tricks regarding creating music, sharing personal experiences and much more at the Blog Section.