Are you thinking about buying the Apple AirPods 2, but are not sure whether this is the right buy for you? Hereby I share my Airpods 2 review. I recently bought a pair, and in this article, I will share my personal opinion about these after using them for a while. Since I was quite hyped to receive these, I made this unboxing video in which I also demonstrate some features and how they fit in my ears:

Unboxing & Fit test

Since I am using these for over a month now, I feel confident in sharing my opinion about these wireless earphones. Here’s my conclusion:

Pros and cons

– Fit and weight
– Connection distance
– Battery life & charging
– Shortcuts
– Design

– Expensive
– Non-impressive sound
– Charging case necessity
– No volume button
– No noise cancelling

What I like about the Airpods 2

Let’s start by telling you more in detail what I like about them:

1. Fit and weight
Since I was quite skeptical about the way these earphones fit, I must say they are very firm and don’t fall out easily. You can swing your head around without worrying it’ll drop. During sports, they are great as well. I love using these in the gym, which really is an upgrade in comfort from the wired Apple Earpods I was using before. I also ran a 10K contest where they remained solid in my ears, and they are very light which is really comfortable. Also, they really fit in anyone’s ears which is a great plus against Beats by Dre and Xiaomi wireless earphones for example, which also claim to fit in everybody’s ears. Both kept falling out of my girlfriend’s ears, but these Airpods fit great.

2. Connection distance
I used various Bluetooth devices and I’m quite impressed with the connection distance these earphones actually. When I’m at work, I regularly just leave my phone on my desk and walk to other rooms while still listening to music without having any connection problems. The reach is much greater than the wireless earphones and speakers I am used to.

3. Battery life & charging
My experience with the battery life is very good so far. When the earphones are running low, they charge quite quickly inside of the charging case. Also, the charging case itself charges quickly. So I actually never experienced a situation where I was completely out of battery. And I really like the fact you can charge the charging case while still being able to use the earphones. It’s a great advantage of the case to keep your earphones powered on-the-go.

4. Shortcuts
Before purchasing, I went to the Apple store where an employee explained the features. Tapping twice on the right earphone to skip a song and tapping twice on the left earphone to rewind a song, made me really want to get these earphones. Also, the ear recognition function, where it pauses the music when you pull out one earpiece, is also quite handy.

5. Design
I already liked the minimalistic design of the previous Earpods, and I like that they kept the same simplistic style. It looks and feels good, and the same counts for the charging case. And when you order them via Apple itself, they even offer a free service which enables you to engrave your name onto the case, which I think is pretty cool.

Okay, so now I have told you all the things which I think are great. Now I will tell you about the features that I like less or think could have been better:

What I don’t like about the Airpods 2

1. Expensive
Compared to a lot of wireless earphones on the market from other brands, the Apple Airpods are quite expensive. If you’re just looking for some wireless earphones to replace your wired earphones, I think there definitely are some cheaper alternatives which will do great as well.

2. Non-impressive sound
The sound is not bad, but I expected more from these earphones. I feel like it’s the exact same sound quality as the Earpods I already had, which kind of disappointed me. Soundwise I didn’t feel like it was an upgrade.

3. Charging case necessity
Although the charging case has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Without the case, you can’t charge the earphones any other way. So you must be very careful with it, and don’t let it get damaged or lost. With that said, I must say that the lid of the case feels quite fragile but so far so good.

4. No volume button
This is a function of the Earpods I used quite often because lots of songs have a different type of volume and therefore I like to turn it down or turn it up regularly. The customization options of the “tap” features don’t allow you to enable such feature, which I would’ve liked a lot. Right now, I have to grab my phone each time.

5. No noise cancelling
Although they don’t claim it to be noise cancelling and I did not expect them to be, I would have liked it a lot if they were a bit more noise cancelling. Ambient noises easily get through while listening, which can be quite annoying. Sometimes you have to turn up the volume to don’t be disturbed, which isn’t ideal. This is something in-ear wireless headphones from Beats by Dre, or budget varieties such as Xiaomi, definitely have their advantage.


So, are the Apple AirPods 2 worth it? If you are going to use them as often as I do, and treat them with care, I think they are. These are really secure wireless earphones. But because of the expensiveness and they are not really groundbreaking, it kind of breaks-even with my level of satisfaction.

For more details and specifications of these earphones, please have a look at the product page via the link below:

If you are looking for a more budget wireless earphones, I would recommend these Xiaomi Mini Mic IP4X Waterproof Wireless Sports Bluetooth 4.1 Earphones For Smartphones (Black), which I have as well and work great.

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