In this article I will show you what you get when buying the Innox IVA MON-08 Desktop Monitor Stands with Clamp (Set of 2) and share my first impressions. They can be mounted directly onto the edge of your desk and are adjustable in height.

Why use studio monitor speaker stands?

The main reason why I chose to add studio monitor stands to my home music studio setup, is because I want my 61 keys keyboard on my desk and that leaves no room to properly place my Macbook, keyboard and mouse. By placing my studio speakers on stands, I create more space on my desk. Besides that, it also has benefits for your audio mixing because you can place the speakers higher and your desk won’t resonate with your speakers and cause interaction. According to BehindTheSpeakers, a platform that shares tips and tricks for better mixes, you get the most accurate representation by placing the studio monitors at the same height of your head and have the tweakers on ear level. Another plus is that stands usually cause less interaction with your speakers than desks.

On or off desk placement?

Basically, you have two options of where to place your studio monitor stands: next to, or on top of your desk. The downside to me of having them stand freely, is that is takes up more space in your room and has a risk of falling over. However, having the studio monitors stand free should be the best reference for mixing because it would cause minimal interaction. I considered all pros and cons and decided to go for stands that you can clam to your desk. I feel like this offers me the most secure solution against a fairly low price. How much of a difference this will be regarding audio representation, I still have to see.

Innox IVA MON-08

Have a look at this unboxing video I made, where I show you how to assemble the stands and how it looks.

What's nice

Great design

The look and feel of these monitor stands are the best features to me. It has a modern and sleek design, which takes the appearance of my setup to the next level and would do great in any setup.

Solid quality

The material of the stands feels pretty sturdy to me. It’s made from metal, which gives it some weight and more stability than plastic would do.

Stickers for better grip and sound flow

Although my KRK Rokit 5s have the same kind of fabric at the bottom, I do think it’s nice the package came with some stickers to strengthen the grip and sound flow. It gives me more security that the speakers will remain standing stable.

What's less nice

No manual

The product doesn’t come with a manual or tips on how to set it up properly. Also on the retailer website there were no instructions on how it should be assembled or used. I also tried looking for some kind of product support on a official brand website for example, but couldn’t even find that. It’s really just the product, nothing less or more. However, like I mentioned and showed you in the video, it’s not that hard to set it up after looking at some images of the product online.

Assymetry in stands design

Both stands seems to be the exact same. There is no left or right. Therefore, the sticker with the brand logo is visible at one side and the place for the pin is visible at the other. For practical use it makes no difference, but for appearance is a bit pity.

Angle doesn’t lock 100%

After finding the right angle for the speakers, I tried locking both stands but that doesn’t seem to work perfectly. The angle still can be moved, so if someone bumps into it they can shift a little. I think this could’ve been a bit better.

Before & After

Swipe the bar in the image below to view the difference between my setup with and without monitor stands. As you can see, I have more room on my desk to place my accessories.


My overall impression of the product is positive. Although there are some points that in my opinion could have been better, I think the product fits my needs and offers me a solution without spending too much money. I’d rate it 4.5/5.

Where to buy?

The Innox IVA MON-08 is available to purchase over here and costs €30-39 per set.

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