5+ years of experience in music production. Specialized in hip-hop, trap, pop-rap, modern r&b, afrotrap etc. International orientated. Worked together with artists from the US, UK, Malaysia, Cameroon and more.

Are you looking for a music producer that can help you create your new song? I am versatile in genres, have a broad skill set, great ear for detail and a true passion for the job. I can help you with beatmaking, mixing and mastering, and songwriting.

Beatmaking: Whether you’re looking for beats to vibe to and use for making your song, or a custom beat because you already have the vocal part ready, I can help you out.

– Non-Exclusive Leases (from €19 – €99)

– Exclusive (from €199 – €299)

– Custom (from €299 – €499).

Mixing: Finetuning the instruments and vocals, and have them leveled up nicely in order to create a balanced and quality song (from €249 – €449).

Mastering: Making the song commercially loud and have it sound at its best no matter the device your listener is playing your song (€90).

Songwriting: Got the melody but struggle to find the right words? Already know the topic or complete blank? I can help you out in English and Dutch (€199).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me. Or if you have some special requests, feel free to reach out and we can discuss in which ways my skills can help you. And if you’re a vocal artist interested in being featured on one of my productions, we can do a 50/50 split and promote the song together. I also have experience in marketing. Looking forward to meeting you and creating great music together!

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