I always like to watch videos that go with the music that is being released. Now I am starring in my own first official video to promote a song of mine. In this blog post, I will be sharing more insights about the story behind my latest released single called “Nearly” and the video we made.

Enlightened, mellow, and motivating.

“Nearly” is a soft rap-r&b song, coming from the heart of both artists. This track expresses the thoughts in discovering yourself and finding your purpose, and realizing coming closer to seeing this more clearly. “It is a natural given as a human to value others’ opinions highly, which can make it hard to stay on track sometimes. It is a challenge to pay less attention to this, believe in yourself and not give up. This song can be described as a reminder to that.”

Second collaboration.

After a great first collaboration on the love story themed rap-r&b song “My Type”, which reached over 28.000 streams on Spotify thus far, music producer Cruzu and talented singer Alternate Jane worked together again on their latest release called “Nearly” with guitarist Eddy J. This international collaboration is now available on all major music streaming platforms.

Featuring Malaysian singer.

Alternate Jane is a talented singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who is a doctor by day, and a musician by night. She is known for making indie pop & rock songs such as “Skype Love” and “Confidence”, but stepped a bit out of her comfort zone towards rap and r&b during her collaborations with Cruzu which turned out great.

Eddy J on the guitar.

Eddy J is a multi-instrumental musician, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He originally finds his musical roots within the house and techno music genre, but doesn’t back down for any musical collaboration that crosses his path. He joined forces with Cruzu to sketch ideas for beats involving his guitar and piano samples. In the coming year, he will focus more on producing samples and releasing his own debut EP.

Official video visual out now!

Because Alternate Jane is located in Malaysia, we decided to create a video of the first part of the song, starring Cruzu and Eddy J. Make sure to check out the video below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more upcoming videos: www.youtube.com/cruzumusic.

Big shoutout to cameraman and video editor @mitch.boom who helped me create this video, my niece @janesflavours who helped me arrange a location to record, my girlfriend @photosby.joyce who took the behind-the-scenes pictures, and @eddyjofficial for joining me on the set.

Check out the full song over here.