Make the most of the situation

Like a lot of people from all over the world right now, we as music artists, are also experiencing difficulties and limitations in our way of working due to the coronavirus. However, there are a lot of things you still can do and remain productive during this corona lockdown. In this blog post, I will share some tips that can inspire you into making the most of the situation.

Tip 1: Create new music at home

Less time spending outside means more time available for studio time and to work on new music while staying at home. Right now it is a great time to focus on starting up new projects and be creative on your own.

Of course, for this, it is required to at least have a basic music studio setup at your home. Need tips on which gear to use? Make sure to check out my blog post about some affordable gear I recommend using over here. A lot of online webshops are still operating right now, so I would advise to set it up as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

Tip 2: Collaborate online

Collaborate with other artists that also have a studio available at their home. You can easily work together by sending each other the files you need and communicate online via social media or messaging applications.

Tip 3: Finish ongoing projects

Right now it is a great time to make progress on some projects that have been laying around and got out of sight. Opening up music projects you have made a while ago can go together with a refreshing look on it and help you to finish it.

Tip 4: Develop specific skills

Use this time to think to yourself what skills you could use to become a better musician. It could be that you want to master the piano, or learn how to play the guitar, or find out how to improve your mixing. Write down your goals, look up resources that can help you develop these skills and become a better musician.

Tip 5: Self reflect

Time to self reflect and rethink your strategy and plans. We often get lost in the moment and because of all the things we have to take care of, we forget to take the time to take a step back and have a critical look at the way we do things. What can really help with this, is to actually write down your thoughts in order to create a clear vision and mission for yourself.

Tip 6: Network online

Even though it is not the best time to meet new people out in the real world, you can still easily network online via social media or e-mail. Do some research and reach out to blogs or other musicians to collaborate and expand your network. A lot of opportunities are created by networking and a lot of music artists often forget to spend the same amount of time and effort on it as they spend on making their music.

Tip 7: Create content

Besides creating new music, you can also make new content such as photos, videos, and visuals to use on your website and social media, for example, to gain traction towards your platforms. Right now, people are on social media more than ever before. Get creative with the inside and surroundings of your house and the materials you have at your disposal.

Tip 8: Update your online presence

Take a look at your online presence on social media and your website. Chances are that the quality of your presence has not developed at the same pace as your music has. Your social media and website can be of great value to your online image. Write down the subjects you would like to improve, prioritize them and start updating.

Tip 9: Promote your music online

You can use this time to search for blogs, playlist curators, big social media accounts, TikTok influencers and many more, and approach them to share and promote your music. There are lots of different options when it comes to promoting your music. Please let me know if you want to know more about this, and if I should write a specific blog post around this topic.

Tip 10: Go live

Using social media platform features such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live enables you to stay in direct contact with your fanbase. To name a few examples, rap artist Swae Lee held a live online concert, and Alicia Keys went live to conversate with her fans online via her Instagram account. These are great ways to interact with your audience. You can also think about sharing your studio session with YouTube Live or Twitch for example.

Good luck! Stay in and make the most of it

I hope this blog post can inspire you into coming up with ideas for you to make the most out of this situation. Good luck and do whatever fits best with your goals. Got some recommendations, or topics you would like me to explain more in-depth? Let me know in the comments!